Gadis indonesia seksi dan cantik berani bugil dan hot dengan tubuh yang mulus dan bibir sensual membangkitkan gairah para penikmat seni dan hidung belang play boy
Personality does not leave as much to opinion as physical preferences do. A man named Peter wrote a letter in the first century with wise words that still apply today: "Beauty should not come from what you wear. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth."

Maria Ozawa in “Menculik Miyabi”

Either way, Miyabi is the one who has reaped the benefit from the controversy, said Jakarta Post.
The report said Miyabi's critics deserve her gratitude because they, too, have helped introduce her to a wider audience in Indonesia.

"If there is a poll to rate Miyabi's popularity before and after the controversy, her popularity must have been soaring over the past weeks. Search engines must have been a lot busier helping people find her raunchy pictures and stories on the Internet," it stated.

Maxima Pictures production manager Adi Sudiadi promised to begin shooting this mid-October, saying the flick will be "purely comedy" with no nudity to compromise conservative Islamic sensitivities.

He said: "We are also trying to repair Miyabi's reputation by showing she can be more than just a porn star."

That was interpreted by the writer as:" It sounds like the film maker/producer is promoting a Jackie Chan flick but making it clear that the kung fu hero refrains from fighting.

"If his purpose is to please his critics, Sudiadi may consider making Miyabi wear a dress covering her from head to toe throughout her appearance."

In 2006, there was a similar controversy and the militants' attacks on its Jakarta offices only triggered a sell-out of the first two editions of Playboy Indonesia.

When it could not stand the animosity, it moved its headquarters to predominantly Hindu Bali where people are more tolerant. But when the controversy died down, so did the magazine.

Apparently, it eventually disappeared from newsstands not because of militants' attacks but rather because the parade of women featured throughout the editions, from the front cover right to the back, were "politely" clothed.



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