Gadis indonesia seksi dan cantik berani bugil dan hot dengan tubuh yang mulus dan bibir sensual membangkitkan gairah para penikmat seni dan hidung belang play boy
Personality does not leave as much to opinion as physical preferences do. A man named Peter wrote a letter in the first century with wise words that still apply today: "Beauty should not come from what you wear. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth."

Maria Ozawa in “Menculik Miyabi”

CLOSER to home in Indonesia, moralists and religious purists are at it again.
They are attempting to stop a movie company's plan to fly in Maria "Miyabi" Ozawa, a Japanese adult movie actress, to co-star in a local comedy flick about college students being obsessed by the 23-year-old babe.

Miyabi is scheduled to arrive in Jakarta on Wednesday for the shooting of the film "Menculik Miyabi" and the momentum to stop her going to Indonesia is rising.

"Maria 'Miyabi' Ozawa fully clothed, anyone?" ran a heading in the Jakarta Post that stated the threat of massive protests (which could turn ugly like the one when the Islamic Defenders Front, or FPI, attacked Playboy Indonesia in 2006) has already put the plan in doubt.

The report said the critics' provocative rhetoric seems to be aimed at garnering support from the masses who share their ideology.

Among the things they say are:
* "Indonesia has the largest Muslim population. How can we let Miyabi feature in a local film?
* "As we know Miyabi had when she was only 13. Where is our morality? Her presence would taint our image and we should slap on some moral sanctions if she does come here albeit not for a porn flick."

However, there are others who welcome Miyabi with open arms.

Model/TV personality Olga Lydia, video jockey Marissa, the National Commission on Violence against Women and even Communication Minister M. Nuh are among those who welcome Miyabi in the spirit of freedom of expression.


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